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Anyone used LightNWire


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Has anyone used the LightNWire for their displays. Seems it can be cut to any length, not like rope light. But it appears each strand needs a spectial ac adapter to boost the HZ. Also, have long of a string has anyone used.

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I am in the preppy some info on Electroluminescent wire , to post on HU soon
101-Basic Electroluminescent wire Introduction Course
102-Intermediate Electroluminescent wire Course
103, 104 Course

this are some links to my videos using Electroluminescent wire

Jerry Plak

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rjnitto wrote:

I'll be looking forward to that info. Always wanted to do something like that for Halloween. Be sure and post here when you have that done.


Jerry can always provide folks here a link to the information when he posts it there, as opposed to having same information posted here and in multiple forums.

On HU, the reverse occurs as well, where links to information on other forums like DIY, LOR, etc are posted.

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