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Color fade tool dimming


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This is an obscure, who cares light geeky thing. But I want to put it out there anyway.

I tend to do most colors bright. There are many reasons to make it dim of course. But when I pick a purple its 100%.

Using the intelligent fade tool..results in less than 100% brightness. Fading from 100% red to 100% blue using the tool (top rgb channel example) results in overlapping ramps with each of red and blue at 50% in the center. This line is plotted on the color chart. It is dark in the middle of the transition with dimmed light output.

If you want your sequence to have the brightest light of each color at all times instead of dimming it would look like the lower channel in the example. This is also plotted on the color picker as a straight horizontal line from 100 red to 100 blue. In this example red stays at 100% while increasing blue until it reaches 100%. Then blue stays at 100% until the end as red ramps down. You can see this in action at the color picker link. Dragging the pointer from 100 red to 100% blue at the top shows these numbers.

online color picker tool. Works a little differently than the lor (windows) color dialog



This became obvious when I use the tool to go from red to purple and then purple to blue, which always has one channel at 100, does not give the same light output as going all the way from red to blue which has two channels at 50%

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I noticed this issue as well... (after sequencing everything, lol). But it was mostly restricted to my incandescents. The LEDs didn't so much show the dimming effect in the middle.

I didn't think about having the fades meet in the middle the way your bottom channels display. Makes a lot of sense.

I wonder if the programmers are aware of this little transition issue and if they intend on fixing it for the new release.

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