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Moving LOR/sequences

jeff bush

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Email yourself each sequence then pull up on other computer


Download to an external hard drive then hook up to new computer


Get a big flash drive (8 GB or so)


Burn to disc


Online cloud service

I think I'm spent...

Oooh. BlueTooth!!!

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jeff bush wrote:

Whoa, ok thanks for the ideas. The flash drive sounds the like a good deal.


Definitely a flash drive for me. Not only can you put all sequences and audio in a single folder (named something like "2011 Show") and copy just the single folder between PC's, it makes a great back up device for those unplanned emergencies.
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If they are both on your home network you can try this:

On you new machine share the LOR folder in your Documents folder.

On BOTH the old and the new machine map the same drive letter to the shared folder (I chose S: for sequences)

copy your sequences from the old computer to the new drive.

You can use "write" to edit your sequence and show files to change c:users...DocumentsLightORama... to

you can also do this last step with the LOR software but it takes longer.

Once you do that you have a computer that runs your show off the local hard drive and you can still use your original computer for sequencing, remembering to load sequences from the mapped drive (S:Sequences in my case) LOR history will eventually remember you.

I went one step further and used the windows task scheduler to copy the files from the master machine (the one with the mapped drive) to a backup folder on the other.

I also setup remote desktop so I could remotely control the "show machine" from indoors :) Worked like a charm.

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