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making a video for light show

Ralph D

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Ok so I decided to add video next season 2011. I really gave it a lot of thought, the pluses and negatives and the fact that id want to do stuff on video that id make/put together. So I went out and spent money on adobe's premiere elements bundle. Not sure if I need all that power but for the last 4 days I went from knowing nothing about videos and how to make one, to something I know with continued practice ill be ok. now, I made my first music video, I think it’s funny, my kids loved it, because it’s about a TV show they watch all the time, it’s a kids thing. Lol the song well I love the song and it's been so much fun to sequence so far. So I figured I’d let everyone see it. Here the link on YouTube to my first ever music video.


its the one by oldstnick137, its called jersey shore christmas.

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