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What is a .LSS file?

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Well, I checked the "unlinked" files on lorsequences.com today, and I discovered the server rejected several submissions. I specified allowed extensions for the website, so anything submitted that isn't on the extension list gets rejected. Among that list, there are several .lss files. Anyone know what these are? Are they Light-o-Rama files? Maybe an old, old version of LOR?

Oh, and there was a dasher file too! I totally forgot about dasher files. :laughing: So, I allowed that extension.

Of course, people submitted music too...are you surprised? It was deleted.

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Don wrote:

I don't see a need to allow the .lss files on the server. While they won't take up much space or bandwidth, they really won't serve any purpose by being there.

My two cents ...

I agree completely. I haven't made a show or schedule yet, so I guess i would have figured out the extension eventually. However, a show file isn't useful to anyone. I wonder if it would even load correctly since I don't have the same sequence files...

Thanks guys! I guess it turned out to be an almost dumb question. :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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