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I was wondering

Ralph D

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This season was fantastic, other than the rabbits eating my light string, but that’s another story. Let me set this up for everyone and this way everyone will understand what I’d like to do. throughout the season like everyone I’m sure I have people doing really stupid things in front of my house, and because I work so much during the holiday season most of the time I’m not at the house when these things happen. Examples, loud radios, double parking in the street. Love this one, parking in front of my house facing the wrong way on the wrong side of the street and a few other mishaps as well. I have tons of promos and even darken the lights to give the spectators a little hint to cool it. I was hoping I could build a box with say 9 red buttons on it, each button would correspond to a promo/sequence I have for cretin situations that happen, that would trigger a sequence to play at the moment the button is pushed, interrupting whatever is playing at that moment and when the sequence is done from the button push it would go right back to the show. Is this idea of mine a possibility? Any thoughts anyone

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