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Pretty Sad Last Night


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Well, year number 2 came to a close last night at 10 PM. I was watching out an upstairs window where I can see the whole street. A car pulled up around 940 shut off their lights and sat there. The temperature was down near zero. As 10 PM approached I wondered if they would drive off before the show ended, but they didn't. When the show went into shutdown at 10 and finished the song that was playing, everything went black. The car sat there for about 30 seconds, then their lights came on and they pulled away. I could see as they passed under a street light that it was a van packed with little kids. Somehow that was a fitting end to the 2010 show.

Best Memories

The nursing home vans and senior buses

The groups of people who got out of their cars, rolled down windows and listened to the show in stereo

The shouts of Thanks and Great Job from parked cars as we occasionally came and went during the show

Not being able to go into any public place without somebody stopping us and telling us how much they loved the show

and finally

The sense of personal pride at being to do something so kewl, and to bring so much joy to people we have never even met

Happy New Year everybody!!

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