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Just picked up a 16 channel (Showtime) LOR and have been playing with it for a few weeks. Animations and Musical sequences run fine from my computer.

However, I recently started playing around with the startup sequence.

I created a 3 minute Animation Sequence at 1/10 second timing. Turned on a few lights, and copied that to the end of the sequence. No fades, no on/offs, just 3 lights on and stay on (all other lights off).

Fire up the hardware utility and download --which comes back with a download successful message.

Now, if I click "Test sequence ON" the 3 lights (and only three lights) begin to flash on and off (about once a second).

"Test sequence OFF" doesn't do anything. If I unplug the LOR and plug it back in the lights begin to flash again.

If I attempt to refresh the hardware utility, I get back "01 UNKNOWN".

I have to hard-reset the LOR (turn to channel 00 turn on turn off, then change back to 01) to get it to respond again.

What am I doing wrong?

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It doesn't sound like the sequence is operating properly. Please send it to info@lightorama.com...

On another note: you mentioned that you "started playing around with the startup sequence".... You then go on to standalone..... In general the startup sequence and standalone mode are not closely releated.

A Startup Sequence is a sequence that is placed in the "Startup" Section of a show. It will be run from the PC when the show starts.

A Standalone sequence is one that will be used when a PC is not to be used in a show.

Where I am foggy is why you would download a startup sequence into a controller for testing.

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That's a probably a mix-up in my terminology. I'm looking at the screen now, so I'll try to again...

For starters, I have an LOR 1602 that otherwise works fine with the Sequence Editor, Scheduler, etc. No problems conencting to and controlling lights.

The sequence I created (three minutes of 3 channels/lights on) works fine when run through the Sequence Editor and Scheduler.

What I want to do is disconnect my computer and just have it turn on certain lights when the LOR is turned on (controlled via a photocell unit).

So I fire up the Hardware Utility, click "Refresh" which then displays my unit. Click the "Standalone" button, under "Select Sequence" I click "Open", select my 3 minute sequence (.las file). Then click "Download".

Now when I click Test Sequence -> Sequence ON the lights flash. Not three minutes of steady light like it did under the Sequence Editor.

At this point, the LOR stops responding to the Hardware Utility. Clicking "Sequence OFF" doesn't do anything (lights still flashing). Click "Refresh" comes back with "01 UNKNOWN". "Lights Off" does nothing. Clicking on the "Test" tab and sending test commmands does nothing (lights still flashing).

The only way to get it to stop flashing (that I've found)...is to hard-reset the LOR.

I'll ship the sequnce to the email address you provide.



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I agree that it is a problem with the particular sequence.

I recently experienced the same problem. I loaded a sequence on my 16D board that was supposed to be all channels on 100%. I downloaded the sequence and when I powered the unit, I noticed that all of the outputs flashed off and back on every few seconds. I did not think much of it, but I did notice that the status LED did not blink normally. It was off most of the time and it flicked quickly each time the output channels did their off-on blink. Later when I went to clear the stand alone mode, the hardware utility gave me an error message that the controller did not respond to the command.

I'm glad you posted the reset information here because I did that and I am back in business.

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After sending my problem to the LOR address listed above, I got a response and fix in a matter of hours -- amazing service.

There is a workaround.

What we had to do was create a dummy channel / row in the sequence editor -- one not linked to any physical channel.

Put at least one event in there. Something that is not 100% (or 0%) the entire length...a single on/off event would work (or did in my case).

Now upload that and everything should work fine.

I've been told the new version of the software should fix this.

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