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Where do you buy you're lights off season?? and some lights i have for sale soon..

Tom Clapper

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I've seen a couple of posts about this but didn't find anything today. Where do any of you buy your lights at off season. I'm looking to make my six white mini trees three color next year(white, red, and green). and also looking for some white icecicles, white snowflakes, red and green led C9's and alot of red and green led minis. Also I made my own 40"minis this year and put 400 white incandesant minis and 60 white led 4's on them. When I add the red and green I figure I need to loose some of the whites to make room for my reds and greens and will be romoving the white led 4's. How many of each color would you put on them and also should the number of led's be equal to the incandesant's. I will also have some lights for sale if anyone is interested.

Lights for sale:

6 - C9 faceted LED Multi-color 25 count strings

2 - 70 count faceted white led minis

5 - Twinkling White LED Iceciles 9' strings

and possibly some more strings. Will know more after I take them down.

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Also I should add I have no problem with cheaper light sets and would prefer not to pay the extra for commercial grade lights. I have used nothing but walmart or ace hardware lights and have not had any problems.

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