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2.5 and 3.5 Mini Lights

Dennis Eaton

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Have been Putting up Lights for 15 years and have decided to jump to an LOR set up (32 channel)

In the past I would go through each string and fix and repair burnt bulbs. Do most people change out thier strings every year or repair?

Is there a rule of thumb for the life of a string of mini lights?

I have arounf 25,000 incondecent lights and am slowly changing out to LEDs and just mixing them in.

any thoughts would be helpful

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I reuse them each year until they are faded too bad to reuse(approximately 4-5 years). I replace burnt/broken bulbs as I find them.

Hope to eventually start replacing with LED but still too expensive.

I reuse old light strings as extension cords for snowflakes on the roof which do not require much power or to power sections with only three light strands. I ensure the working bulbs do not turn on by taking out a bulb in each section and bending the wires so they do not make contact.

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