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How many Watts ?

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Donnyaz wrote:

Can someone tell me what is a safe wattage to use if you have the big heat sink on the CTB16D assume I am useing all 16 slots with the same watt bulb.

From the LORWiki:

A 'standard' string of 100 count mini lights is .34amps. If you divide 30amps by .34amps, you get 88.23. This means you could have about 8800 lights on a 16 channel, 30amp controller. If you were to evenly space these out, you would have about 5.5 strings per channel. Throw away that half string per channel, and you can run about 8000 on a standard 16 channel, 30amp controller.
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Watts = Volts times Amps so 120V x 8 Amps max = 960 Watts but the max you can have is 40 Amps (20 Amps per side) at one time so 40x120 = 4800 watts.

Edit: that is if you have the 40 Amps not 30 Amp controller.

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16 channels 30 amp controller 225 watts per channel
16 channels 40 amp controller 300 watts per channel
ONLY if you are using 2 input power cords!
If you are only using 1 input power cord these values would drop in half.
These are MAX values also... most people suggest running at 80% of your controllers max rating.
80% x 225 = 180 watts
80% x 300 = 240 watts
This is also assuming "all ON" 100% brightness...no work-arounds...and being safe! :)

Hope these figures help!

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