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How many LED for Light Tower


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I planning on building four light towers that Darryl Brown has.
In his video he suggest using two 100 count mini's per 15" section of the tower.

If I use the bright white LED from CDI do you think I need to go with two 100 strings or would a single string of 100 work?



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I think that it would be fine!

I have used 100ct White Leds for mine and I think they look ok. Mine were crappy costco LEDs that are spaced 6" apart and the term "white" has a broad spectrum at costco.......

This is a video from out Easter display, I used the same ones this year but do not have any video for 2 reasons: 1) this year's display was bad and 2) my camera was stolen on vacation.

Happy New Year!

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lleibeck wrote:


Are your towers then made up of eight 15 inches sections?



My towers are 10' tall.
I used 14.5" sections, the bottom 4" is bare PVC, i didn't want the bottom LEDs touching the grass. They are 1.5" PVC pipe that sits on a 5' post (the green kind from home depot) and that's it.

Good luck with your project!
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The sleeve method hadn't been invented yet when I made my light poles, so they're wrapped just like arches on 10' grey electrical 3/4" PVC. Except my arches are 7 channels and the poles are nine. I use one set of 100 ct minis for each segment. Fortuinately, I have a chain link fence for supporting the poles. I slide a ten foot piece of rgid conduit into the pole which keeps it straight. You can see the poles on practically any of my videos from 2008 to present. Due to the increased weight and mass of wires with LED's if it was me, I'd use 70 ct light sets and fold the set in half slightly offset so the bulbs don't all wind up in a straight line.


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i added one of the poles this year useing the sleve with 4" drain pipe

7 sections 200 count led on each section. it is brite and i am useing GE lights from lowes


the RED on the poles are from CDI tryed to make 3 lines with them 200 per line.

looks like they lite up the hole pole. best part of pole on that vid is near the end

so you may get a way with 100 per section with CDI lights. all you can do is try and see.

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