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Thank You Dan, Mary and all at LOR

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share about the generousity of the folks at LOR! Back during the sale I ordered 3 low power 16 channel kits. I assembled them and tested with no problems. Mounted them in my big metal box and played with them all summer like a little kid. We had a mini+ at my house, which Dan, Mary and their son Alex all attended. I had my megatree set up in the back yard and was chomping at the bit all day for it to get dark so we could see it spin.

Glenn (GS) and Frank Brunke hung 50 Darryl strobes on it and we all gathered around the control panel while I set the laptop up. That was when I realized there was a problem. To make my long winded story shorter, 1 of the kit boards I assembled was causing a comm problem with the other boards. I disconnected it and hooked up a spare board. Then I got to show off my creation. I talked to Dan and he said to send it in for repair. I had plans to use the 9th board for a border around the yard, but it wasn't essential so I just took it out of the sequences.

Today I recieved the kit board back, and a new CTB16DWHS as a replacement. It seems the kit was unfixable so they sent the Full Monty!

Thank You LOR!

:::resume work on the border:::

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Great Customer Service, Troubleshooting on the forum. This is what makes LOR a great company and why I am loyal to them.

I appreciate all that Dan does for the forum and his customers. It can't be easy trying to appease the range of people that he has as customers (ranging from the rookies that can only plug stuff in to the technogeeks that can dissect his program and rewrite it to suit themselves).

Three cheers for Dan!!!!

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