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Up until now, I've not used any start up or background sequences for my animation stuff.

Now, tonite, I have a new sequence I want to use as an animation, and am wanting to bring some channels up to full brilliance, and leave them there, no matter what the rest of the channels are doing.

So if I insert a background sequences, does it run the sequence once (assuming no loops), and then stop, with lights left on at whatever intensity they were at when the end of the sequence was reached?

Said another way, if I fade those background channels up to full brilliance in something like a 30 second sequences, will they continue to do that fade effect over and over, or just do it once?

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yup..thats what i confirmed with some additional testing.

Even more embarrassing, it was right there in the help file, which I referred to 20 times hoping to comfirm...and never saw it..

Not a huge issue, but now I know for sure..thanks.

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