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S2 Feature Tutorial


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zulfie wrote:

I apologize if this is redundant, couldn't anything specific with search function.

Is there documentation/tutorial on how to fully maximize SII features?



Not sure what you mean by "fully maximize"

Which version of S2 software are you using? There has been 7 releases of S2 this year alone, many of which contained terrific time saving/ease of use/ new methods and new tools.

In many cases there is more then one way to accomplish an effect or action in S2, and some prefer one way or the other.

The best way to "fully maximize" (if it is even possible) S2 features is to download each new update as soon as it is released, read the release notes, then start using the new features, so as to be comfortable with them.

Just a "few" of the new features and tools released this year:

RGB enhanced support

Color fades




Multiple Clipboards

Freeform Grids

More foreground/background tools.

The enhancements are coming so fast that I doubt the tutorial manual writers are able to keep up. :)

So to answer your question, the help files with each release contain instuctions for how to use each new feature.
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