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LOR USB Data Cable Length

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Hey Guys,

First time LOR User this year so be gentle. I got my 16 channel in the mail today and I was super excited. Then I started thinking about the Cable wiring to my PC, and I think that it's pretty close to the 50 feet that came with the unit. When I purchased the Unit I purchased the USB to CAT5e connector that goes to the controller.

My question is this. How crucial would it be if I went over that CAT5e Length. Can the USB 2.0 of my PC push it a little further than 50ft or do I have to stay under the 50 foot length?

Just wondering before I have my electrical friend go and wire in the CAT5 run to my PC in the house.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Evan, I believe Dan said that if you have the USB485B then you dont have a max length to your first unit. You just have a max overall cable legth of 4000'. Only if you are running serial do you have a max limit to the first contoller.

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Hey JRV,

Thanks. Does that go the same for the USB485?

I don't have the b version....

Maybe Dan will chime in here sometime over the next week?
I'm in no hurry gotta get through Halloween first.

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What is the maximum distance allowed between controllers?
The connection from the PC to the first controller must be under 100 feet. After that the total distance (total of cable lengths between all controllers) can be 2000 - 4000 feet, depending on the cable type. You can run standard phone cable between controllers, however, CAT5E cable will give you much further reach.

That is right off the website. So either way you are fine as long as your under the 100'

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JR V wrote:

NWSanta wrote:
Sweet man YOU ROCK!!!

Merry Christmas...


Actually for me today its happy anniversery. 8 strong years now. Woohoo!!

Happy Anniversary. We just had our 6th this year. Congrats!

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