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Why we do what we do.....

Ed Slonka Jr

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The following is a letter written to our local paper yesterday about our display.

Christmas through eyes of a child

I need to express my appreciation to Ed and Fawn on Lawrence Street in Richland Township for their enchanting display of Christmas lights synchronized with the Christmas songs playing on a designated radio frequency.

This display was the perfect ending to a wintry pre-Christmas evening when my family drove by and sat mesmerized by the display of lights dancing in time with the Christmas songs playing on the radio.

When Santa began to speak and told the Christmas story of a soldier serving our country during the holidays, tears came to my eyes while I experienced this display through the eyes of my 3-year-old grandson sitting beside me.

When Elvis belted out Blue Christmas and the trees lit up in blue, we all applauded.

Merry Christmas, Ed and Fawn. For the first time in a long time, I experienced the joy of Christmas with the anticipation of a child.

What a great feeling!

Merry Christmas to everyone here in the forum for all the help over the years and at LOR for a such a great product!


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