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Terry Hurrle

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I have 4 small led snow men and penguins that are on continuous during the show. The other day I was out sweeping snow off them and noticed one had the lights on and then others were indeed off. These are all on one circuit connected is a series from one to the other and then the last one is powered from the main extension cord. They are on a timer and it was in the off mode . I am stumped as to why the third one in the series was getting any power to it when the main cord had no power going to it at the time.
Explain please.

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Don't know. It is a digital timer that connects between the out let and the extension cord.
Connection would be like this:
= designates outlet
_____ extension cord

* decoration in lawn
------ cord from decoration to next decoration


Like lights these can be connected one to the other.

Third one is the one that is staying dimly lit. I am thinking maybe some voltage leak some where but can't figure it out.

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If you are OK with a volt meter, and have one handy, checking the outlet, blade to blade should be about 120VAC.. Round socket to wide blade should be near zero. Round socket to narrow blade should be that same about 120VAC..

Now, with the timer plugged in and off, blade to blade should be near zero. Round to either blade should be near zero...

I'm guessing that one or the other will be 120V to the round ground pin...

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With LED, a few milliamps leaking to ground can light them up, even if they are on a GFCI.. If that is the one fixture that has a slight path to ground, it may be the one that lights....

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