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I've been searching ebay and local stores for some decent boxes for my LOR boards and finally ran across a decent deal.

I picked up a lot of 5 of the Stahlin Fiberglass boxes (see url below)

Catalog # RJ1210HPL -

List price in catalog of $114.37, $571.85 for 5
White Colored.
Dimensions: 12" X 10" X 6"

Got them on Ebay for $125 for the lot of 5 plus $30 shipping. That comes to just about $31 each. Pretty close to the price of the smaller box I found at Home Depot.
Not the cheapest box around, but it seems to be a good heavy duty box and it is rated NEMA 4X so I'm not going to be worried about water intrusion.


The Seller had several lots listed for sale and I don't think all of them sold, so few may still be available if he re-lists them. He also had them in 11"x9"x6" size.

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I paid $25 per box on ebay, making it $125 for the set of 5 boxes, plus approx $30 for shipping.
The list price, if you buy them out in town, is around $115 each

I was looking at his auctions last night and he had several up at that same pricing.
I'm VERY impressed with the quality of the boxes and he shipped them super fast.
I'm considering buying another lot of 5 for use in the future.


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