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doug petschke

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Not sure how huskernut is doing his. I do know that usb cable length max ia about 16 feet but you can by usb over Cat5 extenders @ cablestogo.com. However you have to be careful that the camera is not getting it's power via usb many usb extenders do NOT pass power. if the camera does need power over usb, cables to go have a usb hub that supplies power that would have to be located near the camera of course, thus needing a constantly on 110v I think an IP/wireless camera would work well. The thing to look for in the camera is of course high resolution and low light capability something in the .2 lux would probably work well. Then it is as you said, computer with broadband isp. you might check out x-10.com for possible camera. or ATV research. do a google. also be aware that some cameras say they do low light via night vision... when the camera is in noght vision mode everything is green stay away from this....


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Feroz wrote:

Hi Doug

What are the basic requirement for the setup.

Camera, computer, USB port ??? The website does not give setup information


I am using a security camera, like this one

it came with 100 ft of cable which carries video, power and audio (not using the audio)

I have it running into a USB dongle to the PC. I run the audio from my show computer into my other computer that is connected to the dongle and upload to ustream.

For next year I want to get a better camera, maybe wireless,

ustream can pretty much accept any feed from your PC webcam, this usb dongle, TV card, it seems pretty flexible and it is free!!
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