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Cant get animation sequence to run.

dave carlstedt

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I made a music sequence and works fine. I saved and closed it, and then created an animation sequence.

When I hit the Play tab, and play sequence, the vertical bar travels thru the sequence, but no lights. The control light on the controller is on, I have the hardware program on, and configuration is correct. I put control lights "on" in Play menu, ...I just dont know what is wrong, but I think it is a software problem....I did not touch Background/Foreground effect prior to creating the sequence...not sure if that is the problem....but, I went and tried turning each of them on, and playing the sequence, but still nothing. when I go to the hardware utility and test the lights they work. And, as previously said, if i open the music sequence it plays that sequence. Do I need something turned on that is not required in the music sequence. This is just a test sequence, as I am trying to learn the various tools to create a sequence. Thanks in advance.

I did notice, also, that on the top menu tabs to the right.... "Track" [track 1] However, I have used multiple tracks in the sequence and track one is not one of the tracks (channels) in the sequence. I could not change that setting, either, and the drop down only shows track 1. I am not using track one in this sequence. Is that a problem? I would think not.

I also tried playing the LOR sample animation sequences
and they dont work, either.

I built the board from a kit, so that may have something to do with it, I just dont know, as the testing in the hardware utility works fine.

I am very new to this....just learning....

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Make sure you have the same channel configuration for both sequences - controllers and channels assigned correctly. You can check this quickly by right clicking on one of your channels in the animation sequence and see if it is assigned to a channel and your controller ID. I am assuming you are looking at just one controller

You can export your working channel configuration from your musical sequence using the edit drop down and then import it to your animation sequence. This will assign the channels and controllers the same for both sequences. Importing a saved channel configuration should be one of the first steps to any sequence.

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I did the same thing when running the hardware utility, as when I made the musical sequence.

1. I start the Hardware Utility. Hit "refresh" The LED in the controller is now steady. I run some of the various light tests and they work. Hdw Utility remains open, and I open sequence editor.

2. There are three tabs--- New Existing Recent I open "new animation" sequence.

3. I do not change any default settings....how many channels -> 8, there is a check mark next to "Automatically set up channels to use std LOR controllers."

4. I hit "OK"

5. New sequence window opens.

6. I use the toggle command and apply commands to timeline for unit 1- channel 2-6 for two minutes. I hit play, and no lights operate.

I then try the other pre-programmed automation sequences, and they dont work, I then open the musical sequence I made, and it works.

I would think you could create an automation sequence and test it without any other sequences open. Is this true, or false?


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you can only have one of these open (active) at a time and expect to see results with the lights. Sequence editor, Control Panel (shedule enabled) OR hardware utility. ONLY ONE OF THEM can have control of the communications at a time.


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