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This was my first year to do anything for Halloween but I wanted to try because I was starting to switch over to LOR cards from my hundred or so relays I had last year. I bought 8 of the 16Ds in the May sale and wired up four of them so far. Wiring them is a snap, as the directions are very straighforward. My only concern was the cat5 connection since I was making my own cables and had never done that before.

Well, I put together a little 17 channel teaser sequence for Halloween (that's all I had lights for) and turned on power to the cards. Lights blinking on all four cards - great. I fire up the PC and the light for cards 1, 2, & 3 goes solid. Four is still blinking. Uh oh. I probably screwed up that cable. I jiggle it but nothing changes. I decide to run my sequence anyway to check on the rest. To my surprise, all of it is working, including the 3 channels of card 4 that is blinking. I'm still a bit concerned and plan to replace that cable but it seemed weird. Has anybody else experienced this?

Anyway, I'm having a ball playing with the new effects like fading, shimmer, etc that simply were not available to me when I was driving relays. Its really going to pump new life into my display. I also recommend doing something for Halloween because it gives you an opportunity to work out some kinks in your infrastructure a month earlier. As long as I keep it at bay and it doesn't grow into a monster like Christmas, I'll be OK!

Gotta love LOR!


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