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Light Linker Question


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I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not but here it goes.

Today I received a pair of the LOR wireless light linkers, there working great but I got one question.

Is there supposed to be a whole for the wire to o through?

There appears to be a mark on the plastic bottom piece as to where a hole should be for the wire, do I just have to make the whole with a razor bald or some thing? I looking through the user manual but can not find any thing about this, am I missing something?

Yes it's December 14 and I am stile getting the animated parts of my display working... Hope to have it all done by dec 20th.... lol but I run the display to little Christmas so the show will stile be live for about 20 days. (every one that in the neighborhood knows the display grows through out the whole month of December until Christmas eve, I think every one is going to be very surprised for the final touch this year :P )

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