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Sequence previews fine in Sequence Editor but won't play on SD Card


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I have a sequence that previews just fine in the Sequence Editor with audio but when I write it to an SD card and put it in my LOR1602MP3 it won't play, it is just skipped, all other sequences play just fine. I use the Simple Show Builder, tried it twice with this sequence first in show and elsewhere in show on another SD card and it just gets skipped, I can play the MP3 just fine when I directly access it from the SD card.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm a newbie, first season with Lightorama.

I can e-mail sequence/mp3 to anyone who would be willing to take a look at it or try to run it on their real hardware (since it works fine previewed in sequence editor).


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I found another posting with similar problem to mine, posters were recommending to run Verifier, I did, the only thing it output is 3 warnings:
(1) Weekly schedule file does not exist
(2) Yearly schedule file does not exist
(3) Now shows are scheduled

I read the Help on Verifier but am confused where it searches (I have multiple hard drives connected to my PC and had one of the burned SD cards in my PC when I ran Verifier). I looked at the Output Log and I didn't see any .mls files listed as even looked at. I have all of my sequences/mp3s on my main C: drive as well as another drive connected to my PC and as I said one of the burned SD cards in my PC at the time I ran Verifier.

Regarding the warnings above, I only use SD cards I burn from my PC and put in my LOR1602MP3, I never run the show from my PC, I just build SD cards with the Simple Show Builder.

The fact this sequence previews perfectly in the Sequence Editor (with audio) confuses me why when I try it on 2 different SD card burns it gets skipped. ????

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Interesting. I have about 20 sequences on this card (2 GB card only about 1/3 full), some songs are 320 KB and they play just fine. The mp3 for this particular song that won't play is 256 KB. All sequences on the card play (including other 256 KB and 320 KB mp3s) except for this one particular song/sequence.

I guess I could try converting it to 128 KB and see what that does but it's odd other 256 KB and 320 KB sequences/mp3s play fine on the same SD cards.

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