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Lights not lining up with music on some tracks

Ivan Beaver

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My show is up and running with 124 channels and 3 CCR's. For the most part I am happy. This is my second year.

Most of the songs are just fine. But on a couple, that I purchased the sequence from LOR, the sound and lights don't "line up" at the beginning.

The audio track will "hit" and maybe half a second later the lights will respond. This is very regular. But by the end of the song it has all "lined up" and the timing is correct. By albout halfway through it starts to "come together". I am not sure if the lineup is done gradual or all at once.

I have checked and rechecked the sequence in the sequece editor and it appears fine. As I play the music the channels on the left side all respond just fine, when they are supposed to.

The "offset" is there everytime the sequence plays live.

I am using the SD card as my play source. I have tried different timing rates and also turning the lock step on and off-but cannot find anything that plays properly.

I am running V 2.5.2.

Everything seems to be working just fine-except for parts of a couple of songs.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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You mention that you're running the show from the SD card. Does it also happen, with those same sequences, if you run them from the Sequence Editor instead?

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I have not tried running them directly from the computer.

I have open and resaved the files in Audacity and will see how that works tonight.

It is strange that it only happens on some of the songs-so those are the ones I resaved.

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In another post somebody mentioned variable rate MP3's-so that got me to thinking.

So I opened the media file in Audacity and then resaved (exported) it as an MP3 and changed the name-to keep track of it.

Everything appears to be working fine now.

I will also do a firmware upgrade on the director.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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