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Thank You LOR!!!


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Dan, Bob, and everyone,

Thank you again, for our 4th (annual) successful opening night show.

Around 2PM, those of us on site, and not at some peripheral function had finished up the punch list, and we were sitting down just totally not knowing what to do with several hours until the show started, and no items left to fix. It just felt wrong to for once not be chasing little details (of our own fault) right until the last minute.

We sort of sat back, and watched the Holiday in the Park event set up across the street, and people start showing up to watch the parade before the show start. Yet again, I did not manage to really watch the parade, as the Fire Department discovered that they could not really get parked in the space they asked us to leave for them, and wound up asking us to move some vehicles on the side street twice during the parade. With the parade, and activities in the park, the crowd must have been around a couple thousand people watching, as the mayor gave his speech, and eventually pushed the button that was set up as a trigger, communicating via a pair of Easy Linkers.

We (the core group leading the volunteers) still don't believe how well we get this to all pull together. With 56 controllers, on 3 networks, and some DMX for roughly 1,000 channels, driving roughly 133,000 lights, with a calculated all on load over 600A, it continues to really impress me that we make it through opening night as cleanly as we do.

So again, thank you for a producing a product that works so well. Hopefully this year we will manage to get some good video out there for everyone to enjoy.

- Kevin

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