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One of those days... UGH...


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The day started out with us finding out we accidentally put all our snow globes in the *OUTSIDE* shed last year... my wife's entire collection is now gone due to the globes freezing and cracking. :)

Then we find a couple tubs of Christmas decorations that the tops weren't on good and mice destroyed everything inside them(either by chewing or peeing on).

Then I go up on the roof to take a look at the new red C7 LED replacements and discover the reason why I'm loosing them slowly... they *ALL* have moisture inside them.


We're trying to put on that happy face but damn... whatta string of bad luck here.

Heh... just looked outside and it seems like someone from up above is trying to cheer us up because boy oh boy is it snowing out!!! :) (and yes, we like snow!)

Man... don't you just hate it when the stars align just right and Murphy kicks you right between the legs... over and over and over again...


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Hey Jeff,

I know what you mean. This whole year has been a losing prospect for me it seems.

I have arthritis in my hands and I broke a couple of tendons in my left hand a couple months ago so I decided that I would not do the display this year since I was having such a hard time trying to put stuff up myself.

Today I went to a job that I am working on to try and get the final pieces installed for something and found after I got there and all set up that I had grabbed the wrong fittings out of one of my parts boxes !!!! ARRGGHHHH So that turned into a waste of an hour and the gas to drive to the site. NUTS.

Well at least hopefully we will get all these trouble times out of the way and next year will be better. Right?


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Geeze William... you have more snow than we do... AWESOME!!! :)

And Bill... I hope you feel better and I hope you're right about next year. :)

BTW, we are working on the inside of the house today and hearing the kiddos having a good time is warming us up a little... still having loads of small things not working out but I think it's just turning into a joke now.


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