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is DMX intensity or LOR intensity more efficient


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I have 5 DMX universes (connected using iDMX's) split between two networks and I believe I am have having a load issue. each universe is fully populated with DMX controlled RGB nodes. At various points, seemingly more so during long fades, some nodes seem to lag behind. Also have seen it where some seem to go off early while the rest stay on.

I am currently using the ON/OFF and Set Intensity tools to program these nodes. Is there any difference from a network/command efficiency standpoint to using SET DMX Intensity?

Also any suggestions on ways to mitigate the lag? I tried setting the network to Short Range-Fastest Speed, and it did not seem to help. The cable runs are about 200'- 250'.

Other info:
- the other two networks consist of about 40 LOR160x boxes.
- at some points it seems as if this is aggravated when there is lots of activity on the LOR channels
- both networks (one with 3 universes, the other with 2) both seem to behave the same way, which seems odd
- using a fairly new Dell Optiplex dual core E5300 2.6GHz with 4GB Ram and solid state disk
- windows 7 32bit
- I am currently running the verifier and will post if there are any negative results. I've never used it before so I am not sure what to expect. with 4000+ channels it is taking a while to run.

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Additional info:
- I am using LOR 2.8.12

I see that the new S2 release removes some of the Old MC-P compatibility. What controllers are those? I have all 1600 and 1602 controllers (all blue boards i believe) as well as the iDMX's.

could this be affecting me? I tried un-checking MC-P compatibility mode and i didn't notice a difference, but I honestly didn't spend much time experimenting with that.

[EDIT: I Found the answer to the MC-P question. It's those purchased prior to November 15, 2003 so i am safe]

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Verifier completed running. The only thing reported was lots of warnings about unused channels during certain songs.

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