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John Ciuffo

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would you mind sending that my way as well please? thing the barking will drive my dogs crazy? they already love when people stand outside and watch the display!

thanks, and Merry Christmas!!

tswope_smartcs at yahoo dot com.

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kzaas wrote:

jciuffo wrote:
George Simmons wrote:

Can I have a copy, Please j_ciuffo@comcast.net Thanks

Come John, all he did was answer your question.:D

Hey Ken, Can U send me a Copy of the singing Dogs?
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I hereby apologize for getting involved in this thread. I saw the OP's question and in my smart-ass fashion simply answered the question he asked. Actually, I didn't realize until afterward that it was posted in the SEQUENCES forum. Had I seen that originally, I never would have stuck my nose in, for I do not share sequences. I'm sorry I caused people to waste their time waiting and hoping for something that wasn't coming.

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