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1st night ruined....


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Here I am in the UK so I hope you can help. My shows were working fine then the boards status leds started flashing...lights all out music still playing...LOR software on pc/crashed or frozen. reset tried again and got

Component RICHTX32.OCX or one of its dependancies isnt correctly and blah blah....

tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program but same thing...

Help please!

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just tried it with the latest S2 release...same thing.

I can control lights through hardware utility but not when setup to run as a show through the show editor and schedule editor and then enabling through the LOR Tray.

Someone please help!

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not sure if this helps but try googling the file name

I found this
When you run an application which was created in Visual Basic 6.0, the following error message may occur and the program terminates.

Component ‘RICHTX32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.
This happens if the program uses Rich TextBox ActiveX Control (RichTx32.ocx), but does not include the ActiveX file in the setup package.

To resolve the problem, download RichTx32.zip. Unzip the archive and extract the file RichTx32.ocx to the WindowsSystem32 folder.

Note that the VB6 run-time distribution package from Microsoft does not include the RichTx32.ocx ActiveX Control.

Registering the OCX file

If you still receive the error, register the RichTx32.ocx module using the following command (from Start, Run dialog):

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This thing is still in VB6? Come on guys. Time for an upgrade to VB.NET. VB6 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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