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Another video/audio problem

Paul Roberson

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I am using the same videos I used last year.

I am running 2.8.12 on my show computer.

I can play and hear all the videos by double clicking them in windows explorer.

Now the problem is when playing the sequence in the sequence editor all the videos will play, but you can not hear the audio on some of them.

Anyone else having/had this problem.

I have not tried running them with the scheduler.

The ones that work are file type 'windows media audio/video'

The ones that don't are file type 'movie clip'

I know I should be able to redo all to 'movie clip' files and they would work, but I am looking for a answer as to why they will not play this year with 2.8.12 when they worked just fine last year.

Any ideas?

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Paul Roberson wrote:

bob wrote:
What is the file extension on those "movie clip" files?

They are .mpg


The same file audio will not play on my laptop by double clicking on it in windows explorer. All I get is static for audio.

It will however, play just fine in S2. Both are running the same version 2.8.12.
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You're saying that on one machine, it works in WMP but not in LOR, and on the other machine, it works in LOR but not in WMP?

In any case, I would suggest installing the latest version of WMP, if you're on an operating system where that can be done. I would suggest doing it even if it tells you that you already have the latest installed - sometimes reinstalling WMP cleans up strange audio/video problems.

Also, I would suggest checking to see if there are any codecs in WMP that you don't actually need, and if so, disabling them. And if your graphics or sound card has "hardware acceleration", try playing around with that setting.

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