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Question on Stand-alone mode

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For Halloween, I'm just using animation (No music) in stand alone mode. All three of my controllers are wired together and I downloaded the sequence to the main unit.

Here is my question, how do these units all sync if they are plugged into different circuits. Will the first box 'control' the others irregardless of power.

Ex, I use X10 to trigger the boxes, but the main one comes on 1 second before the other two (for whatever reason). Will the 1st controller keep the timing whether or not the other boxes are up and running? I'm assuming the others will 'catch up' when they power up.



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My understanding, in stand alone mode. ONE controller can be the director. the other controllers would plug with either the phone wire or the network cable. They still have to be connected by the cable. Then load your sequence into any one controller. The units take it from there. The controller that you load the sequence into would be the only unit that you would need to start via powering on with your X-10.

Your sequence would be built with all your channels configured as if you were controlling directly from the computer.


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Agreed. If you want things to stay in sync, you need to wire them together. All but the 'master' will be acting as if you had a computer running the show, but in this case the 'master' will take the place of the computer -- controlling its own circuits, and also the other controllers as 'slaves'.

I honestly don't know how well things would stay in sync if you just relied on turning them on at the same time. You could try it and see what happens, but I think you'll have better results with the master/slave combo.


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