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Zara Radio getting DTMF sent at random times


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Hi Everyone,

I finally have a question, and it is a bit odd.

I have Zara running 24/7 and at about 5:59:40 it has a stop command, then runs my shows, then in the shutdown mode in LOR at 10 or 11pm (week or weekends) the LOR runs the sequence to start back up Zara.

All this works beautiful, smooth, no problem before, during and after the show.

I am finding that at different times, Zara is recieving the 69 or 89 to start or stop. The start is not a big deal, it just skips a song. But the stop just stops the radio. I have found it at random times, and checked my LOR, and I know there is nothing sending it from there.

I think it is certain songs are triggering the DTMF tones for Zara, or Zara is actually thinking it is a DTMF when it is a note from a song. The one song that seemed to hit the 88 tone was TSO's Canon. So I changed the 88 to 69 to see if that makes any difference.

I find the DTMF tone triggered in the log, and right before it will be a song, several times the TSO one, and other times different songs.

Has anyone else experienced this? I Know some of the TSO stuff I have is a bit over modulated, and I am thinking that might be part of the problem.

I have only been running the show since Thanksgiving, so I am now trying to find times/songs it is doing this to. I have about 400 songs on Random/shuffle play.

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Yes I have had the same problem, didnt have time to look at the log but when I did I saw the same song trigger it 4 of the last 5 times so I deleted that song from the playlist and will see what happens.

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