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Executing a batch file on show startup and shutdown

Tim Fischer

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Hi all,

If I want to have a batch file run at the start of my show, and another one run at the end, can I just create an empty sequence file that specifies the command line, and schedule it as a regular sequence even though it doesn't control any lights?


I just realized tonight (2 days before 'official' light-up) that my strategy for controlling my projector is flawed. I'm using an X10 universal module which provides a dry contact closure which will essentially press the power button on my projector. But.... when in 'momentary' mode these modules only respond to the X10 on command (X10 off does nothing). So to turn on the projector, I need to send an X10 ON, and to turn it off, another X10 ON. LOR isn't set up to do this - in fact, it will repeat the X10 on command every time the background sequence loops, which obviously isn't what I want in this case.

To get around this I'm thinking of moving X10 control out of LOR proper, setting up batch files to trigger my static lights and projector via Activehome's command line capabilities, and then having LOR call the batch files at the startup and shutdown areas of the show. This should also solve the problem I've had ever since LOR S2 came out where all my LOR-controlled lights pause while the X-10 commands get sent out every time the background sequence loops.

My other alternative is to just set up a separate schedule in Activehome, but that's sort of a "plan B" at this point.



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