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Error saving file


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I did my sequences on my laptop and then transferred them to my dad's computer which is the show computer. Everything is working well, EXCEPT for 3 voice overs. These I did on my laptop and for some reason had the audio files on my desktop instead of the audio folder in my lor folder.

When I try to put the audio file correct and save it I get this message:

Error saving file..... do you want to save to another file name?
Detail: Cannot rename file c:program fileslight-o-ramasequences10 show holidays voice.lms to backup file c:program fileslight-o-ramasequences 10 showholidays voice.lms.bak

The computer is running windows vista and LOR version 2.7.6, same as my laptop.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?



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I would check the Windows permissions on those two files (the lms file and the backup file), and the directory that they're contained in. Perhaps the Windows account you're using to run LOR does not have permission to use those files in certain ways.

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