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Will a Measurement Computing’s PCI card work with LOR ? (i.e. PCI-DIO48H)

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Hello all,

Could someone please comment?

Still looking for a DIO card but narrowed it down to;

I’m would like to purchase a Measurement Computing card to run some SSRs with LOR software.

I know I need to find a card that is or emulates the 8255 chipset.

I realize there are cards out there that have a high output or sink current (“H” listed in card model)

I know I can buy them on ebay but I don’t have time to fuss with it all that this year. In case the card doesn’t work or doesn’t show up on time.

I would like to buy a PCI card so I can keep the PC up to date and not need to keep an old ISA mother board around. Who knows if LORII will need a faster processor?

I’m looking at buying one of these cards (Measurement Computing PCI card line)






I need to know it this will work with no issues with LOR software. Most of the things I have been reading states that the card should be an ISA card however some PCI cards do work.

Problem is……

I live in Canada and Measurement Computing does not ship there. I have to use a Canadian distributor for their cards. The Canadian distributor will then order from the US…however I don’t think I can return the card if it doesn’t work because it is a special order.

Is anyone running a Measurement Computing PCI card with LOR?

Does anyone have a PCI card already they want to get rid of?

Thanks all!!!


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