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Make sequences on a Win 7 machine and show on a Win 2000 machine

Bubba in NV

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I make sequences on a Win 7 machine and show on a Win 2000 machine. I have no problems sequencing on the Windows 7 machine. Except that new tab thing on the left irritates me because it keeps jumping out all the time, and then I go out in the garage to the Win 2000 machine and snatch any new sequence via network, and bring it up on the Win 2000 machine, and save it and I am done. That old Win2000 machine still runs fine and runs my Halloween and Christmas show without any hitches. The new LOR software runs fine on it also.

The only problem I have seen so far with the new software is that if I select a cell and drag to the right, I cannot go beyond the current window to the right, but it will scroll to the left all I want. Strange...

My Christmas show started Thanksgiving night....

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