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No Missing this Radio Sign


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Last year I suffered the entire season with a radio sign that just didn't work, no matter where I placed it. Either you could see it from one direction but not another, or the flood lights caused too much glare, too high and it blocked some of the lighting too low and a stopped car would block it entirely.

This year I was committed to finding a solution that couldn't be missed from any viewing angle, and zeroed in on the garage door. I had this banner done by a local sign company who worked with me to find the ideal color scheme to make everything stand out.

It is bungeed to the garage door so the door works normally. It is lit with two floods dimmed down to about 30%.

Don't think I am going to hear that a viewer didn't know what the frequency was unless there is a U-Haul parked in from of my house. LOL

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Great idea. This is our first year with LOR and we were in a hurry to get something up. I ordered from ShindigZ.com and got our banner in three days for $15. There was no space between the panels to use a bungy cord, so I used flexible magnetic tape with adhesive on the back of the banner and the magnet sticks to our steel garage door. I also lit mine with a 40 watt floodlight.

I took this picture tonight at about 8:00 PM.

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