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Well color me stupid


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Good morning,

I have gone through the help file and searched the forms for ".lmj" and can't find instructions on how to save the animation pic so I don't have to redraw the house and yard every time I build a new sequence.

Any push in the right direction is appreciated.

Thanks: John:?

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This is how I did it.Start with a blank sequence, I put down 10:00 min for the lenght. Then make a template with all my channels how I want them. Then I imported a picture of the house, next drew my layout. Saved it as Template 2010.. Next go to Edit and export channekl config. That is it. Now when doing a sequence open you template, edit audio file for new song, edit total length as needed. Then Save as whatever the name of the song is.
Good Luck and have Fun
Don C.

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After you have built your first sequence with channel configuration and animation go to EDIT - export/import channel configuration - export. Give it a file name and save it.

Now when you start a new sequence you can set this file as default in the window that comes up (for musical sequences only) or you can use edit - export/import - import configuration.

If you modify you animation or channel configuration remember to export it again, and you will have to import it into any sequences you have already made if you want them to have the changes.


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