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Control Panel Dilemma


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1. Show editor done , named 2010 Show.lss., all sequences listed correctly.

2. Schedule Editor done, 2010 Show.lss , listed for correct days and times.

3. Control Panel Blue and enabled.

Now, if I click on control panel, it just freezes up and does nothing, if I can get it to open, nothing is listed as far as shows go. Last night at light up, I had to reboot computer and ending up using Show on demand to get my show working. Any ideas?? If I left click bulb I get "not responing", right click I get the menu, left click on anything and total freeze up. Sorry forgot, all sequences in "musical" and nothing else in any tab.

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You can get show on demand to work, but not your schedule. That makes me think there is a problem with the schedule file (this file is a .LSC file not a .lss file). There are 2 in my directory; 1 is weekly, the other is yearly.

The schedule file (.LSC) is in the light-o-rama root directory while the show file can be anywhere with a .lss extension.

All that said I would try moving or deleting the schedule file, and starting up the control panel. If the control panel now works like it should (by the way show on demand will not work now) try rebuilding your schedule and save it. Hopefully that will solve your issues.


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