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Good evening everyone. I apologize for asking silly question but I am new and have searched the forum as well as watched the video that was recommended in one of the threads with no luck.

I purchased the 16 channel kit and the next to top level of the software. I'm trying to run the beat wizard but whenever I try to run the BW I receive a "Could not open file" error. I can play the file in the software as a sequence and run the TW with no issues, but the BW isn't playing nice.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you: John

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At what point does the error occur? For example, immediately when you select "Beat Wizard" from the "Tools" menu? Or some time after that? Or when you click on some certain button on the Beat Wizard?

What exactly does the message say, word for word? Please note that it should say something not only in the "main" part of the message window itself, but also on the message window's blue title bar. I'm interested in what it says in both places.

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What type of audio file are you trying to use?



something else?

I found the Beat Wizard does not like a video/audio file...

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