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Show is alive!


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Wow! All my hard work has paid off. Show is now live. No issues at all.. I am kind of surprised. You will noticed I am not running much on the left side front of the house. My goal is to keep the focus on my mini-trees.

Sorry about the kid peeking out the window. She is probably wondering where her crazy dad is. Doh.. it looks like I left the outside steps light on as well.

Pics and Vids are no the greatest since I used my phone. Video is only 2.5 out of 8 songs total.






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Rock on JJ! I had to LMAO for a minute when reading your post. I "thought" you said don't worry about the kid peeing out the window, not peeking. Read it too fast. :)

Yours and mine went off w/o issues. You can tell we read EVERY post on here this year :)

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Great Job!

Everyone is so talented on their programs i wish mine were as good .

gotta have that tune can you send me info on it?

I know the name but want this version

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