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Understanding the schedule


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I have spent the last 45 minutes looking for an answer but no luck so I would like to ask how the "schedule" works.

My show consists of an introduction announcement, 5 song sequences, and an ending annoucement. Total time of approx. 12 minutes.

When I schedule the show from 6pm - 11pm and it comes to the end of the schedule, will it complete the entire show or just the last sequence that it is playing ?!

I just don't want the show to stop have way through if people are still watching !

Does that change if I add a start-up or shut down sequence to it.

Thank-you as always for your help !


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Suppose you have 30 minutes worth of songs in your "musical" tab. At 11pm you are right smack dab in the middle of those songs.

LOR will finish playing the musical sequence (just that one, not all of them) and the proceed to the "Shutdown" tab (if you have anything in there, or are using it.)

(Just for the record, animated sequences (no music) will end right at that exact moment, and then go to the shutdown tab, is used.)

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