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Editor does not Stop

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Hi gang.
In a few of my sequences I am working on, while in the sequence editor,at the end of the song it does not stop. (stop button is lit) I have to manually press stop.

It will loop.
I will play selection.
It will play visible screen.
It will not stop at the end.

The song ends on time as does the as does the sequence.

Have tried the following:
Changing the total length
Stoping sequence before the end of the music and vise versa
Changing song format wav to mp3

Not sure why 2 sequences are doing this and 2 are not.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Reduce the total time some more. (Edit | Change Total Time).

I had a sequence that I reduced 3 times of .01 second and was still doing the same things as yours. The 4th time I reduced it .05 and it has worked fine ever since.

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What a great bunch of people you are.

Searched the forum for "song stop" and here's this thread. Reduced .02, and bingo, song stops now. Is this in the FAQ? (Haven't looked, should be there if it isn't).

Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Moving Target in NC (finally working on sequencing my first song)

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