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First Testing a Success - Big thanks to Many here...


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I have been working on the project for months, and this is my first year. I use a wheelchair, so I cannot do a lot of the physical work up on the ladders and such. But I did all the planning, procuring, wood/jig building/light wrapping and anything else that did not require legs!

I had help from my brother and a friend and my wife, and it has been hard work, but what an accomplishment. I have an extensive background in computers so that part comes easy, it was all the little details that took a lot of learning and thought.

I have three controllers, and over 10,000 lights. I planned, obsessed, planned some more, and wow, it has gone really smooth and fantastic.

I ran through a few songs, even though every channel is not yet connected, but it worked flawlessly and looked so cool. A random car stopped and listened to a couple songs as I was testing, and to hear, ohhhhh awwww, hahahahahaha coming from the car at points, just made me giddy inside. Plus a big, "WE WILL BE BACK..."

Everything in the yard is in place, a few things will be cleaned up tomorrow and connected, and the display will be ready to go for Thanksgiving night.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to LOR, this forum, Planet Christmas, and everyone who has contributed to these forums. Without you guys and gals, I would never have been able to do this.

Every time I had a question or issue, I just came here, and found the answer. It is an awesome community, and I appreciate all the sharing everyone does.

I was able to get 6 songs done so far, and working on more. The tests tonight were, well, short of spectacular. I am so pleased, and again, thanks so much for sharing. Even the shared sequences helped me to learn how to make a good show and do it well.

I am a bit amped up right now, as everything is falling into place and sometimes being a bit retentive does help with a huge undertaking like this!

Thanks again everyone and I hope your display and Christmas Rock!


I will be getting some photos and vids to share soon.


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