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Disneyland Main Street Parade Sequence?

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robogeek wrote:

If you do the disney music, just beware and do not post any videos of the sequence on line they can get very protective.

Disney does sell that song on CD, so it won't be an issue with that song. However, Disney is extremely protective of works that can't be obtained legally.
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I was not saying that it was wrong to use in the display, but disney has shut down at least one specific website that I know of where people have used legally obtained graphics and modifed them to use for alternate dvd inserts for Disney DVDs.

This could possibly be totally unrelated, but putting the electrical parade music to a different set of blinking lights and allowing it to be freely downloaded could be construed as modifying the original product and therefore disney could possibly have some heartburn with it.... Like i said feel free to sequence it. But personally with the anal retentiveness i have seen the corporation show in the past I personally just wouldn't post a video of it.


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