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jonproctor1 wrote:

After running 4,700 feet of extension cord and putting up 24,180 (and counting) lights I think I am ready to do a test run.:cool:

Wow, that's a lot of extension cord. I have about 10,000 lights up and I bet I don't have anywhere near that much extension cord..... So, sounds like as I add more controller's in the future, I'll have to budget in money for extension cords.

Well, I don't even have my controller yet (arrives tomorrow), so I bet I'll be adding a lot more cords when I start separating my display onto different channels.
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Roof, Gutters, windows, Snowflakes, Bushes, Tree 3 arches and North Pole all done.

Went to put up my radio sign and found that the ground is as hard as a rock, so I had to take a few days and figure some other way to mount the sign.

Still have to do:

8 Mini trees,
Driveway edging
and all extension cords/Cat cables.

I have 3 songs sequenced for 80 channels.
7 more that are at 16 from last year. I need to take those to 80!

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Just about done with sequencing, only have my voice overs to do and they will be simplified.

Robin wheel was new this year and took a lot of work, lights are on the gutter thanks to my wife, son and daughter in law.

Have to put up the mega tree, 3 mini trees and 8 snowflakes and hang the CCR yet then get my donation box up and I think that is about it.

If the weather holds up I have 2 weekends left so i should be OK.

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5 arches up, new element up, about 700 foot of spt used so far. Controllers up and checked. Next 20 some odd thousands of lights and cords to go. Sequencing just about done.

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Everything in place, dress rehearsal Friday night.

Last year 16 channels, this year 96 channels on my house and 16 channels on the neighbors across the street. What a change, but it has been worth it...:D

In the words of George Simmons I will "hook it up and let 'er rip" :cool:

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pikadroo wrote:

I am so behind too. It's going to be a mad scramble to adapt my last year sequences to the new layout.

And it's cold out... and nobody brings me coco. :P


37 F is cold??? try - 6 F !Freezes EVERYTHING!
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