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Latest version of 2.8 giving problems when editing.

Robert G.

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I originally had posted this under Sequences but found this was a better place to have these issues looked into. (Sorry for the double post)

I recently upgraded to 2.8 so I can run new sequences and have a few problems when trying to create a new sequence or edit one:

First, when I click play and run the sequence, there is no little stop button on the tool bar so I have to go into Play next to File, Edit and such and click "stop." This simply waists time and gets in the way of trying to get perfect timing when sequencing. So how do I get that little stop button back, and if it's already there, how do I enable it?

Second, if I have a part of the sequence I need to delete, I click the red square on the toolbar like normally, but when I highlight the channels it doesn't delete and I need to right click the area and manually select "off." Also, with the old version I was using I was able to choose an option from the toolbar such as "fade in" and overlap a part of the sequence and it would change to what I just set it to. (I hope I explained that well enough to atleast understand.)

So how do I fix these "weird" settings because its really getting in the way of my projects.

Thanks for the help and if these questions were already covered somewhere else, I apologise.

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