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Strobes From Christmas Lights Show


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Hi, Just would like to no.

I have 32 channels and I have some strobes from Christmas Lights Show and am out of channels to ad them,

So I would like to no if I ad them to some Blue LED lights I have going on my roof will it damage them if there are going off and on fast?

What am am thinking of doing is just when I want the strobes on the blue LED lights will be on too. but i don't want to change my sequences all around and doing this I have chasing going on with the blue lights on the roof so there will be times when the blue lights go on fast and so will the strobes will the hurt them?


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Strobes need to have constant power for the circuit to work in them. A strobe does not come on at the moment power is applied, so turning on and off the strobe may not cause it to fire as you might expect. Strobes are not meant to be faded either although some do on the LED strobes to get them pre-charged before turning them on full.

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