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Whats the odds of someone having a few songs (dont care what they are) with just the timing marks in a channel. I can hadle the programming. Honestly I would even program songs for exchange for the timing marks. I can whip through the programming with some really cool stuff. Unfortunatly I wasnt blessed with any ryhthmn at all. I spend more time on the timing then I do the programming.

Anything you could help with would be great. I will do my best to return the favor.

I will have songs available to send my programs when completed.

80channels, 1 16ch mega tree, 5 mini trees 2 colors, 35 other misc. trees, 2 8channel arches, 4 CCR's, various other window lighting, bush and tree lighting, 7 snowflakes, 12 cases of beer, and finally a bottle of captin morgan:D

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Have you run the Beat Wizard yet? For a lot of songs out there, the Beat Wizard does a very respectable job in putting timing marks in the sequences.

It can even place an "on" event for you every #th beat, which you get to choose when running the beat wizard.

After you run the beat wizard, you can whip through that programming!

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